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Cretan Salt

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"Archana" is a beautiful souvenir sack with Cretan dressing based on Pure Sea Salt (100 gr appox)! 

The Island of Crete traditionally produced a lot of sea salt, so called " White Gold" and exported all around Europe and Asia.

Today  we restored the way to produce a natural heat- treated solar Sea Salt.

Our high Iodium salt is naturally evaporized from Lybian and Cretan seas/

Sea Salt is rich of microelements, such as Chloride, Sodium, Sulfate, Magnsium, Kalium, Ioudide, Natrium, and others.

Sea salt's daily use reduces stress, headache. It has antioxydant, antimutagenic activity.

We offer you 1 pcs of Dressings, based on Cretan Sea Salt and wild Cretan herbs.

"Archana" ( 100 gr )


Sea Salt, Mustard, Cumin, Paprika, Coriander, Ginger, Turmeric.


"Archana"  will bring an aroma of Cretan Sea and Mountains to your food : fish, poultry, meat or vegetables.

Our products are Preservants free!!! 

Created by Nature!

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